Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

It is not acceptable for the inappropriate behaviour of individuals to disrupt the learning of others. As a school we expect high standards of behaviour although we appreciate that there may be occasions when children, for whatever reason, fail to meet these standards. During such occasions parents will be informed of the incident and, if necessary, requested to speak to a staff member regarding the incident. Pupils who exhibit inappropriate behaviour during after school activities may be excluded from the clubs for a period of one week or longer depending upon the seriousness of the incident. Similarly, behaviour which is deemed to be inappropriate during the school day may result in a pupil being removed from after school or lunch-time activities. Repeated inappropriate behaviours may result in loss of any privileges conferred by the school, temporary exclusion from classes and after due notice to the pupil's parent, a requirement to leave the school premises at lunchtime. An incident log is kept by the Headteacher. The school’s Behaviour and Anti-bullying policies are available on the school’s website.

The school code of conduct is part of our school’s behaviour policy which in itself reflects the overall ethos we aim to establish at HBN. All children have rights, with these rights come responsibilities. Please support our efforts by encouraging your children to abide by the code of conduct as listed below.
All children have the right to learn, no child has the right to disrupt the learning of others.
All members of the school community should respect each other at all times.
All children are expected to respect their own and other people’s property and to take care of books and equipment.
Children are asked to be well-behaved, well mannered and attentive.
Children should always walk (not run) when moving around the school.
If a child has a grievance against another child, it must be reported to a member of staff who will deal with the matter.
Physical violence is not acceptable, neither is retaliation. Repeated or serious incidents will be reported to parents. If a child deliberately marks another child they will be removed from the school for a specified time. However, each day is a new day and every child will be given the opportunity to make amends.
Foul or abusive language must not be used, serious incidents may result in suspension.
Children are expected to be punctual.
Children must not bring sharp or dangerous instruments to school, or any toys or any item that might cause a problem.
Children should wear the correct school uniform and no jewellery should be worn other than watches and small stud type earrings.
Children should not climb on or over any of the walls, fences or gates within the school grounds.
All children are expected to be considerate towards others in the way in which they play their games at playtime and lunchtimes.
Classroom charters are devised by all teachers at the beginning of the academic year.

Anti-bullying forms an integral part of our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) curriculum. This focuses upon what bullying is and what strategies can be employed to avoid such issues. Cases of bullying will be dealt with and are taken very seriously. Incidents of name calling and physical aggression towards others will result in loss of privileges and if repeated may result in a child being removed from the school. Serious incidents may result in fixed term suspensions. All parties involved in such incidents will be contacted immediately and strategies put in place to prevent similar incidents. The school’s anti bullying policy is posted on the school’s website.

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