Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Behaviour at HBN (Our Relationships Policy (formerly behaviour policy) can be found in the 'Policies' section of our website):

As a school we expect high standards of behaviour and expect children to follow our three school rules, 'Be Ready', 'Be Respectful' and 'Be Safe'. All classrooms, Deputy Head and Head Teacher offices have an ‘Above and Beyond’ recognition board for children who follow these rules to a high standard and/or produce amazing learning. Occasionally members of staff may send an 'Above and Beyond’ note home to parents for showing positive ‘over and above’ behaviours. GROW and Jigsaward certificates will be presented in assemblies each week and FABs at the end of each half term (More information can be found on 'Assemblies' in the 'Parents Information A-Z' Section.

However, we appreciate that there may be occasions when children, for whatever reason, fail to meet these standards. At HBN, we follow a consistent procedure to deal with poor behaviour which can be found on the 'School Policies' section of our website. It is not acceptable for the inappropriate behaviour of individuals to disrupt the learning of others.

1. Reminder

2. Warning

3. Last Chance

4. Consequence

The aim of this consistent procedure is to a set clear structure which the children also understand. We work together alongside parents/guardians with a positive mindset to improve behaviour and get the child back on track.


Anti-bullying forms an integral part of our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) curriculum. This focuses upon what bullying is and what strategies can be employed to avoid such issues. Cases of bullying will be dealt with and are taken very seriously. Incidents of name calling and physical aggression towards others will result in loss of privileges and if repeated may result in a child being removed from the school. Serious incidents may result in fixed term suspensions. All parties involved in such incidents will be contacted immediately and strategies put in place to prevent similar incidents. The school’s anti bullying policy is posted on the school’s website.

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