Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

The school has a ‘Home Learning Policy’. This policy has been developed by the staff of the school takes on board what parents consider good home learning to be. It outlines what is considered to be appropriate home learning for the pupils. Half termly curriculum information sheets are supplied both in hard copy and are pasted into the children’s Learning Logs. The schools Home learning Policy is available on the Parents' Information section of this website.

Learning Logs
Each child is provided with a learning Log. These books travel between home and school on a regular basis and act as a reflective journal of the pupils learning. Pupils are encouraged to regularly update their learning log to consolidate and enhance their learning at school. For further guidance please see the school’s Home learning Policy.

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Parents' Information - A2Z

This A2Z provides an overview of our school organisation. Additional information is provided through the year in the form of news/information letters, information evenings and booklets. The school offices will normally be attended by the School Administr…

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