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Medical Information

If you are concerned about your child’s hearing the school nurse can arrange for a test to be carried out. The same applies to eye tests.

The school nurse attached to our school is Cheryl Dodd and she is available at certain times should you wish to discuss anything about your child’s health. Tel: 686987 or contact the school offices so that arrangements for Cheryl to contact you can be made.

From time to time parents request that the school dispense medicines which need to be administered at regular intervals to children. Very stringent procedures for the administration of medicine must be adhered to at all times. Please contact the school for further details when necessary. Never send any type of medication into school with your child other than inhalers, which will be kept safely, but will be available throughout the school day. If your child is on a permanent or long term medicine which needs to be administered during the school day please ensure we are fully aware of what is required.

Special registration cards for children with asthma and allergies are available in school and should be completed by parents/carers. Inhalers and epipens are kept securely in the school office for when your child requires it. Please check your child's inhaler and epi-pen periodically to ensure that they are in-date.


Asthma procedures https://www.gov.im/media/1357968/policy-and-proced...

Head Lice

t is the parents responsibility to check for head-lice weekly. Please inform school if you find your child has head-lice. 
The nurse does not inspect children for the presence of head lice. Leaflets on “How to deal with Head Lice” and “The Facts about Head Lice” are available from the School Office.

‘School Exclusion should not be used: No child should be excluded from school for reasons of being infected with headlice. It is punitive and unnecessary.’ - extract from Health Services: Policy for the Control of Head Lice on the Isle of Man

For further information please visit:Isle of Man Headlice Advice or https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/health-...

Hearing, Vision & Growth 

These are usually monitored periodically and other minor checks made as necessary. Should any of these show the need for medical treatment, the School Medical Nurse will notify you and/or your own doctor.

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