Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Henry Bloom Noble School is located in the centre of Douglas on Westmoreland Road.

There are regular buses to the area and a bus stop is located directly outside the school building on the main road. This bus stop is served by routes 4B, 14B and 15B

The school site can be accessed on foot following a pedestrian pathway to the main entrance or following the paths to either side of the school building to enter through the playground.

There is a drop of zone outside the main entrance and a carpark to the rear of the building. There is a blue badge space in the drop off zone and the main entrance can be access from this space via a ramp. There is also a Blue Badge space in the staff carpark at the side of the building. The play ground can be accessed from the carpark using either the steps near the netball court or the pavement to the side of the building, with this being the preferred route if visitors have a mobility issue.

Children enter the school via the main entrance or the playground entrances at the rear of the school. The rear doors leading to the playground will automatically open at 8:50am, registration will take place at 9:00am and the rear door will then automatically lock. All visitors should enter through the main entrance on Westmoreland Rd and report to the main office before gaining access to the school. The school closes to pupils at 3:30pm. If the children attend an after school club this time is extended to when the club finishes.

All classrooms can be accessed by external classroom doors apart from upper juniors where there are stairs and a lift. The site is fully accessible to wheelchair users apart from the mezzanine used by the Youth Service in the sports hall.

Pupils who attend our Specialist Provision Centre (SPC) are able to access their learning space through Orry's entrance. There is a designated drop off zone for Orry's minibus and parents.

We have two accessible toilets on the ground floor and one on the first floor.

There is an accessible toilet and changing facilities within our Specialist Provision Centre.

Accessibility Plan

Schools are required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for children with disabilities under the Isle of Man Equality Act 2017, to alleviate any substantial disadvantage that a disabled child faces in comparison to non-disabled children. This can include, for example, the provision of an staff support, specialist equipment and resources or adjustments to

premises. A copy of the schools' Accessibility Plan can be found below: