Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'


Early Years Statement of Intent

At Henry Bloom Noble Primary School, we aim to provide a happy, caring, safe and inclusive environment for learning which meets the individual needs and interests of our children.

Effective communication and language form a crucial part of our children’s education and supporting children’s development of this aspect of learning is the foundation that underpins our Early Years curriculum. We aim to provide a language rich environment through a variety of schemes and skilled practitioners.

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible and exciting based on Child-Led planning meeting the interests, fascinations and needs of the children in our cohort. It also provides enhanced, practical, first-hand experiential learning, both indoors and outdoors, along with memorable experiences to provide a sense of belonging and togetherness as a setting.

At Henry Bloom Noble, we value ‘all things curious’ and delve deeper into what motivates the children to become resilient and independent learners who develop positive attitudes to learning. We encourage risk taking, being brave, experiencing new things and problem solving. We believe these lifelong skills are crucial to growth mindset and resilience.

We understand that movement is a vital part of our children’s development and that giving lots of opportunities to move in different ways helps their brains to develop healthily and gives them a good start for learning - with proven links to supporting their ongoing development in more formal learning, particularly in early reading and writing.

We offer a safe, caring and nurturing environment where our children can learn to understand their feelings and those of others and understand how to manage their emotions. We support our children in learning how to make good behavioural choices, friendships and working relationships with both their peers and adults, resolving conflicts where they arise and showing respect for others’ views and opinions.

We recognise, welcome and celebrate the linguistic, faith and cultural diversity of all of our children and our wider school community. We develop excellent relationships with parents and carers to build strong partnerships in supporting children and preparing them for a smooth transition into the next stage of their learning in Key Stage 1


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