Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Safety in School

It is very important that we make the school building as safe as possible. The doors to the school have one way locks fitted. This prevents access directly from outside to the classrooms. Playground gates are locked at 9:15am each morning and unlocked at 3:15am. Parents and visitors should only enter the building by the front entrance. The inner doors to the school are locked. Visitors are requested to sign the visitors book before proceeding through the inner doors. A fire alarm system is installed and the building is alarmed and fitted with movement sensors. High definition CCTV is in operation.

Safety in the Sun

All children in Reception will be asked to wear a sun hat, provided by school, whenever they access the outdoor provision. 
We would advise you that you apply sun cream/block to your child before they come to school. If you wish your child to re-apply the suncream/block during the school day, please bring a named bottle of suncream/block to school. Your child can then re-apply it at a suitable time. On trips and visits that take place it is essential that your child wears suncream when appropriate.

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