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We have a school uniform, based on the colours of Manx Tartan, and expect all children to wear it. Please inform the school if your child is unable to wear uniform on any particular day.
The uniform requirements for boys and girls is listed below.
Grey or black skirts or pinafore dresses or trousers (no jogging bottoms or track suits).
White, grey or black socks or tights.
White, light blue, dark blue, yellow, purple or jade green polo shirt or blouse.
Jade green sweatshirt or cardigan with the school motif.
Home knitted cardigans in the school colour.
A pair of black sensible shoe or black trainers.
A Summer dress (yellow, blue, purple and jade gingham).
Manx tartan skirts and pinafore dresses are optional.
Mid-grey or black trousers (no jogging bottoms or track suits).
Long or short trousers.
Grey, black or white socks.
White, light blue, dark blue, yellow, purple or jade green polo shirt.
Jade green sweatshirt with the school motif.
A pair of black sensible shoes or black trainers.

Please remember to clearly mark all clothing and personal property with your child’s name. Thank you.

Please ensure that your child has their P E kit in school for the duration of a half term.
Kit - (Girls and Boys)
A pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
P E activities may require the use of plimsolls. Trainers should be worn for all outside P E activities. The shorts, T-shirts and plimsolls must be kept in school in a P E bag. P E bags should be taken home regularly for washing and checking. Please ensure that all P E items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.
Please note that for safety reasons we ask all children with long hair to tie their hair back when using school equipment. This is particularly important during P E and games lessons and when using some specialist equipment in science, art, food technology etc. Hair should be kept neat and in conventional styles. Hair bands, slides etc. should be kept simple.

Jewellery and make up (including nail varnish) should not be worn in school. Earrings are not permitted, except for children with pierced ears, who may wear studs on those days when they do not have swimming or P E. On swimming and P E days studs should not be worn. The only exception to this rule is if a child’s ears have very recently been pierced then, on P E days, they may wear their studs provided they have been covered with tape and, on swimming days, they may wear studs covered by a neoprene head band . Once the lesson is over the child can remove the tape/band. Staff cannot take responsibility for removing or replacing studs or for their loss.

Children may wear a watch when they are able to tell the time but responsibility for its safe keeping belongs to them, and the school will not be held responsible for any losses. Watches must be removed for P E and games lessons. Smart watches are not allowed.

All children in KS2 ( year 3 - 6) will attend swimming lessons form September through to Easter. Pupils must have the correct kit (no Bermuda style shorts) and a towel, all pupils with long hair must wear a swimming cap. No jewellery is allowed, apart from if ear rings are to be worn following recent piercings, then neoprene head bands must be worn to cover them.
Year groups will be notified when their swimming sessions will take place and receive full information about necessary kit. Information on appropriate swimming attire is in the school policies section as there are very clear expectations from DESC.

Personal Belongings
Children should not bring their own possessions to school as we cannot be held responsible for their safe keeping. The school will provide all the necessary resources for learning.
The following items are prohibited from school:
jewellery, other than watches and stud earrings
toys and games (unless requested by the teacher)
make up and deodorants

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