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Special Needs
The individual needs of all children will normally be catered for within the classroom situation by the class teacher. On occasions, however, some children may have a learning difficulty which requires extra support. This may be a learning difficulty in general or in one area of the curriculum, for example, maths. When such a situation arises the teacher responsible for Special Needs throughout the school will advise and support the class teacher in providing a thorough programme of work which will help to lead the child through his/her difficulties.
Sometimes this may be a short-term measure and other times throughout the child’s school career. If we feel unable to adequately provide for a special needs child from within the school we can readily call upon the services of the Isle of Man Special Needs Department. The support services will assist with extra staffing, resources, the preparation of work programmes or whatever is deemed necessary to meet the child’s needs.
Throughout your child’s education at HBN School, judgements will be made as to which teaching approach will best meet his/her needs. We will regularly keep you informed of progress and will consult you from time to time if and when various types of extra support are being considered, such as the provision of speech therapy.
Usually the teachers will identify when a child needs extra support but sometimes the parents may be the first to notice it. If you have any concerns, questions or information relating to your child and the need for additional support, it is vital for the child’s sake that there are good communications between home and school. Children are not always able to be wholly consistent in their performance at school. Just like adults they have their ‘off days’. The occasional ‘off day’ can be the result of a late night, the excitement of their birthday, feeling unwell etc. and is perfectly understandable. Cause for concern occurs when the ‘off days’ become regular features and they can be an indicator that something more serious is troubling the child. If a situation arises of which you are aware that may cause a deterioration of your child’s performance such as the arrival of a new baby, the illness of a grandparent or separation of parents it is important that, at least to some degree, we are made aware of the problem. Any information given will be confidential and only those who need to know will be informed. Often the teachers can make some adjustments in the provision for a child, which will at least partially help support them during a period of personal difficulty.

Nurture - The Bloom Room
Our nurture rooms are a facility that offers support for children who, for whatever reason, are not thriving in their mainstream class. The staff work with the children in order to help them become more confident and settled so that they can return to their mainstream class as soon as they are ready.

At HBN we believe that emotional wellbeing and self confidence is paramount and key to good academic progress. In our Bloom Room we provide bespoke emotional support for individual children who may need support to improve their self-esteem and confidence, manage anxieties, or develop friendship skills. We also provide additional support to children who may have further personal difficulties such as bereavement or separation.

Our Bloom Room is a safe place where children can relax in the knowledge that they will be heard and listened to and given support if required. Parents will always be consulted and involved in any decision to allow a child time in the Bloom Room.

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