Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Would you like to learn/refresh your Signalong signs? – eduBuzz What's On?HBN is an inclusive school which is proud to have both mainstream classes and a our Special Educational Needs Unit, Orry's Room. Signalong is a communication charity which teaches adults, children, toddlers and babies to use signs to aid communication. These signs are always used alongside the spoken words. When saying sentences, only key words are picked out to sign. To promote children's understanding of others, we use Signalong across our whole school. We have many Signalong trained members of staff who embed the use of Signalong in singing assemblies. Signalong assemblies enable children to learn new signs through a memorable structure of a song, which they can then apply to different contexts.

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At HBN we are proud of providing a rich and creative curriculum which enables our children to develop skills that prepare them for their futures. On this page you will find further detail of how we at HBN teach key curriculum areas.

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