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Primary and Secondary PSHE lessons fulfilling RSE | Jigsaw PSHE Ltd

At HBN it is one of our priorities that children develop emotionally and personally thus we use the Jigsaw scheme to teach our PSHE sessions. The mindful approach to teaching enables every class to have one lesson per week which is focused on being calm, listening to others' feelings and sharing opinions without judgement. We begin each of our sessions with a powerful 'Calm Me' activity in which the children sit in a circle, all connected by closing their eyes, breathing deeply in and out together while hearing nothing but the Jigsaw chime ringing. The children are encouraged to think about a place that makes them feel calm and relaxed while doing so.

The Jigsaw scheme is made up of six key areas which are taught across the six half terms during the school year. These include, 'Being Me in my World', 'Celebrating Differences', 'Dreams and Goals', 'Healthy Me', 'Relationships' and 'Changing Me'. Each year group covers the same key areas but with differing focuses which are age appropriate.

Each week a Jigsaward is awarded to one pupil per class. The awards are chosen for children who have shown engagement in and worked hard on the week's lesson, shown strong social skills, or developed themselves personally (e.g. developing their own confidence) during that week.

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At HBN we are proud of providing a rich and creative curriculum which enables our children to develop skills that prepare them for their futures. On this page you will find further detail of how we at HBN teach key curriculum areas.

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