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Art | Mudeford Junior School

At HBN we allow children to blossom in a range of creative curriculum subjects such as Art. Alongside regular art lessons, each term the whole school gets involved in an Art Day. During the day, the children are taught about an artist and/or key skill. In the morning, classes focus on learning facts about the artist and practising the key skill. They then develop their skills and knowledge into producing their very own replica/masterpiece throughout the afternoon. Some classes even get into the world of the artist, for example, when a class was learning about Kandinsky, they learned that he used to love painting to music, so they did the same! Throughout the day, Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to critique their own or other artists' and peers' work in order to improve it further. Children are encouraged that every piece of artwork will be unique and have their own perspective influence. When the artwork is complete, the children's work is displayed in their year groups'/class' Art Gallery display. A few pieces from each year group are also then displayed proudly in our school assembly hall on our 'Art Day' display.

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At HBN we are proud of providing a broad and balanced curriculum. We are committed to providing rich and creative experiences which enable our children to develop skills that prepare them for their futures. We offer a wide range of opportunities for chil…

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