Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

We hope you are all finding the SaferSchools App beneficial and that it has been able to help support you and your child online.

As a school, we will be forwarding, through the app, notifications on any current trends, applications, videos and information that we believe may be of concern or of interest to you. By no means does us sending through information mean that it is happening at HBN, but we would like to keep everyone in the know so that we can all make informed choices and stay safe online!

To help direct future notifications, we would love if you could join the groups for the necessary year group your child/children are in. Attached are the QR and login codes for each year group.

Any questions or issues can be raised at the drop in session next Friday, the 4th December, 2:30-3:45 in the assembly hall.