Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Well done to all of our GROW winners this week!

RF - Lori T - for fabulous shape spotting around the school.

RF - Erica M - fantastic Phonics and sounding out all week.

RP - Lily C - for excelling segmenting (chopping up words) in Phonics.

RP - Oscar - using his works when asking for help.

1D - Callum J - go using part-whole model to show different ways of making numbers to 20.

1D - Joanna J - being a role model to showing her friends how to sit sensibly on the carpet.

1S - Niky S - without fail being the first to be ready to learn!

1S - Ava B - trying hard to be an independent writer and never giving up.

2W - Lily CB - showing ‘grit’ when identifying hot and cold countries on the map in Geography.

2H - Aleksander O - lots of super work this week and super signing during singing.

2H - George HS - for a week filled with super learning and concentrating.

3B - Autumn-Lily R - fantastic column addition.

3J - Thomas P - being a great investigator and finding various materials around the classroom.

4I - Vanya P - for persevering with badminton skills in PE.

4H - Dhruva - conducting an investigation in Science and recording results well this week.

5B - Lily W - fabulous Northern Light pastel art.

5J - Amelle S - great progress in Maths.

6E - Alexine A and Jason G - super learning about non-violent protests.

6E - Ellie C - for being a super team member.

6G - Matthew M - an improved attitude in Literacy and Maths.