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Island based company Gelatory are running a competition to create their own Gelato flavour - this is exactly like something we'd do for a Design and Technology lesson where we examine what's already on the market (a great excuse to eat ice cream!), think what is missing and design are very own flavour. Why not have a go? You can find more information on their facebook page - the important information for the competition has been copied below. Entries in by this Friday (3rd April).

You'll see our worksheet which you can print or use as a digital template for your child to come up with a name, description and colouring of the flavour they create. They can approach this in any way they like, as some guidance we'd encourage them to think of three steps when creating a flavour - a Base Gelato flavour, a Ripple flavour and Chunks/Inclusions. For Example Blueberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake Gelato would consist of Cream Cheese Gelato, Blueberry Ripple and Biscuit & White Chocolate Chunks. There are no rules though, Gelato can conform in any way the imagination wishes!
When they've spent the time coming up with a flavour, it's then time to come up with an awesome name and colour in & design the flavour on the sheet.
When completed if you can either scan in or send a photo to us either at gelatory@hotmail.com or into the comments on their facebook feed.
We'll select our favourite flavour and once we re-open we'll create this and reward the winner with a 1kg Brick of their flavour to take home. We'll also reward our favourite artwork entry with a 500g Brick.
This is currently open to all Primary School Students on the Island, we'll see how things go and if there is the interest to hold a competition for older students (or Parents) we'll run another one.
Work should be handed in by Friday 3rd April 17:00, Good Luck!

Good luck HBN!