Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

The builders working on the old Ballacloan School site recently found a time capsule buried by pupils and staff when the school was first built. Discovered sealed in wax and wrapped in lead, the time capsule was found beneath one of the school’s foundation stones. Thanks to the digitised newspaper collections on iMuseum, staff at Manx National Heritage could quickly reveal the contents of the unopened time capsule which were carefully documented in Mona’s Herald together with the foundation stone laying ceremony on 22 November 1905.

The staff and pupils at Henry Bloom Noble School were excited and surprised when we were told about the time capsule. We were delighted to be able to look at it and to find out from the old newspapers what was inside. It is in very good condition and we enjoyed talking about it in assembly. We are pleased to donate in to the Manx Museum so others can find out about it.708_708_cd23f633ff5c14a182092f874edc1946.jpg?m=1694155552