Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Our first GROW award winners of the Spring term are ...

RF - Joshua D-B - for always being ready to learn and working hard.

RP - Alex P - for showing really kind and respectful behaviour this week.

1D - Brooke A-R - for being enthusiastic in all areas of school life.

1D - Daisy L-M - for being such a kind friend and making cards / crafts to make others happy.

1S - Jack M - for always being ready to learn and being a good role model.

1S - Zyra C - for coming up with some amazing adjectives that mean the same as 'nice' and 'bad'.

2W - Jefrin J - for being a super learning and giving every task 100% effort.

2H - Michael C - for a super first week in the Koala class.

2H - David D - for showing an enthusiastic attitude to his learning and giving everything 100%.

3B - Zara S - for writing some great similes in Literacy.

3J - Aleasha McI - for fantastic Numeracy work and attitude towards her learning.

4I- Luke A-F - for great learning about division of multiples of ten.

4H - Bobby H - for having a GROW attitude to reading this week and helping his friends with their learning.

5J - Amber C - for always putting 100% effort into everything she does.

5B - Logan V - for a great attitude in lessons and around school.

6E - Amy B - for being a super member of the class by joining in and helping.

6G - Jack M - for excellent effort in Maths.

Congratulations to you all!