Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

*** GROW Winners ***

We have had a super first week back at school and were really glad to be able to present our GROW winners their certificates in person this week!

Well done to all of our GROW winners ...

RF - Lewis O'B - for brilliant group work this week and showing super concentration.

RP - Elijah J - for being ready in school and coming in beautifully in the morning.

1D - Evelyn C - for putting amazing effort into all of her learning this week.

1D - Freddie - for spending los of time perfecting this poster to show how a rainbow is made.

1S - Matthew C - for working s hard on his letter and number formation.

1S - Rory S - for always being a thoughtful and kind friend helping others with their learning.

2W - Gecielle C - for writing a fantastic story in Literacy about a rainbow.

2H - Dillan P - for coming back to school ready to learn and producing lots of super work.

2H - Frankie V - for working really hard on his sounds and tricky words.

3B - Maisie H - for growing in confidence when working independently in Maths.

3J - Chloe H - super attitude towards all her learning this week.

4I - Robert B - for great discussion about Ancient Egypt.

4H - Milly - for having a fantastic attitude to learning all week, well done!

5B - Cole G - for showing enthusiasm and hard work in Maths (converting measures).

5J - Louie F - for being so enthusiastic and participating regularly in our discussions about the Victorians.

6G - Akaisha C - showing determination and perseverance in Maths.

6E - Nikita M - for a much improved attitude and focus in learning - well done!

6E - Kacie C - for super effort in Maths all week!