Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'


Well done to all our FAB winners who are our final winners of 2020!

RP - Swaraa G and Henry O'G

RF - Emileigh M and Seb W

1D - Alexander D and Lacey D

1S - Zachary P and Amelia W

1G - Natali P

2H - Emilly R and Alex W

2W - Sophie M and Zane A

3B - Eliana C and Jayden T

3J - Evan S and Georgia H

4I - Ned P and Dana R

4H - Ian C and Zuzanna P

5B - Kirstyn G and Mylo R

5J - Jerome J and Molly G

6E - Astrid D and Cedric B

6G - Dylan W and Gergana S