Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

The school raises money for various charities throughout the year. Money is raised through non - uniform days and events organised by both the staff and pupils. The children are asked to bring in donations for such events. There will be several events each year which raise money for the pupils of the school. These may include optional non-uniform days and sponsored events. This extra money is placed in the school fund and allows us to purchase additional items for school use. On occasion the school will ask for donations to help towards travel cost for educational trips and towards the costs of visiting theatre and educational companies. The amount asked for will vary depending upon the nature of the experience.

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Parents' Information - A2Z

This A2Z provides an overview of our school organisation. Additional information is provided through the year in the form of news/information letters, information evenings and booklets. The school offices will normally be attended by the School Administr…

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