Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Well done to this week GROW award winners!

RF - Jaxon C and India-Rpse Q - working super hard on Art Day and taking great care in their work using pointilism.

RP - Dani G - for retelling the story of the 3 bears.

1D - Guy H - for trying so hard to complete his star challenges on his own this week.

1D - Lacey D - for being a superstar reader and helping her friends with tricky words.

1S - Tyler M - for a great first week at HBN.

1S - Summer D - always putting 100% effort into all her learning.

2W - Lily BC - for showing confidence when colour mixing during Year 2 Art Day.

2H - Alex W - for showing lovely respect to our classroom equipment and super work in Maths.

2H - Kody - for being a great friend to her classmates and looking out for others on the playground.

3B - JJ - for great mental Maths.

3J - Katie L - for amazing work in Maths and showing determination with her work.

4I - Nancy N - for great suspense in her writing.

4H - Thana and Lukas W - for resilience in badminton this week, well done!

5B - Rayner A and Summer O'D - a consistent and positive approach to learning.

5J - Macauley KJ - Excellent 'Early Birds' learning this week.

6E - Alexine A and Cece L - for super work on Art Day about Litchenstein.

6G - Dylan W - excellent questioning during Junior Achievement.