Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

Well done to this weeks GROW winners!

RF - Lily D - for trying hard to be quicker at lunchtimes and succeeding!

RF - Lews O'B - for joining in with lots of activities this week.

RP - Hannah S - for talking about her feelings with an adult.

RP - Sophie B - for independent writing when choosing how to catch a star.

1D - Abhaya S - for working hard over the weekend producing fantastic home learning about ice melting.

1D - Effie S - fantastic phonics this week.

1S - Rumina V - always being a kind and friendly member of the Turtle Class.

1S - Maisie B - blowing us all away with her Maths skills.

2W - Maddock B - showing great understanding in Maths when learning about money.

2H - Lilah B - for a week of super listening and giving her work 100%.

2H - David D - for a great week with lots of super learning.

3B - Jesse - for making great contributions in speaking and listening week.

3J - Rory T - for excellent speaking and listening skills this week.

4I - Anesu Z and Vanya P - great drama during speaking and listening week.

4I - Nancy N - for talking about reasons for opinions.

4H - Eleanor - for writing a fantastic detailed story.

5B - Erin J - for showing a determined and positive approach to learning.

5J - Yoanna M - for always giving 100%in all that she does.

6E - Josh G - for overcoming your fears and completing his speech.

6G - Cameron W - for excellent dedication to reading at home.

Well done everyone!