Henry Bloom Noble Primary School

'Together we Learn and Grow'

GROW winners this week ....

RF - Casey Y - For always being respectful around school.

RF - Nixie P - For being brilliant in Phonics.

RP -Leyton P - For always following the 3 school rules.

RP - Swaraa G - For being respectful towards others and always helping her friends.

1D - Evelyn C - For making new friends and helping them on the playground.

1D - Daisy K - For being able to subitise in Maths.

1S - Natalia G - Being a fabulous mathematician!

1S - Eryn W - For coming to school every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude!

2W - Aoife G - For writing a fantastic recount about our trip to Silverdale.

2H - Joe W - For trying really hard to concentrate on all his learning.

2H - Millie- For giving all her learning 100%!

3B - Pawel - For fantastic sentence writing.

3J - Georgia - For fantastic work throughout the week in Maths.

4I - Max C - for fantastic independent learning - addition in Maths.

4H - Bobby - For using GRIT when creating fantastic birds-eye view of our classroom.

4H - Mason - For using GRIT when creating fantastic birds-eye view of our classroom.

5B - Rayner A - For some creative complaint writing in literacy.

5J - Karina N - for always being kind and helpful.

6E - Alexa B - For doing lots of reading at home, keep it up!

6E - Rio B - For excellent independent learning about the Blitz.

6G - Bailee P - for being kind and friendly to her Reception buddy and going above and beyond.

Big well done to you all!

See photos on the the website!